The Affordable Product Gabrielle Union Uses to Banish Pimples

Gabrielle Union revealed the affordable clay mask she uses after facials to diminish pimples — and it's available on Amazon for less than $30.

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  • Gabrielle Union (opens in new tab) shared a clip of her glowing skin after a facial from celebrity esthetician Beauty by Lindsay.
  • Union (opens in new tab) revealed she was wearing the Lerosett clay mask as a spot treatment.
  • The mask is available on Amazon for under $30, and yes, I've already ordered it.

You shouldn't need me to tell you that Gabrielle Union has the most flawless skin in the business. What I can tell you, however, is one of Union's tricks to keeping it quite so flawless—and you might want to start drafting your heartfelt thank you letters now, because it's a reasonably affordable product that's available on Amazon. On her Instagram story, she shared a clip of her positively radiant complexion after receiving a facial from Beauty by Lindsay (opens in new tab), esthetician to the stars. While said esthetician's services probably aren't attainable for the majority of us, the spot treatment she used to quash a pimple on Union's cheek certainly is. The Lerosett Organic Clay Acne Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask retails for $26.95, and I am very interested in ordering 10.

Speaking to Byrdie last year, Union shared (opens in new tab) some luxury lines she swears by, including products from Luzern Laboratories and Miragal. But another of her affordable skin secrets, since payday's been and gone? An awful lot of water consumption. "I do drink a gallon of water a day. I started that in my mid to late 30s," she told (opens in new tab) the site. "So for a good 10 years, I've been drinking a gallon of water a day. It makes a difference for hair, skin, nails, all of it." Looks like I'll be paying a lot more visits to the bathroom in 2020!

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