The 21 Best Pore Vacuums to Play Dermatologist With

Bonus: Pore vacuums double as stress relief.

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What up, pores? It's been a while since I've tended to you guys, which explains why you're looking rather bloated and blackhead-laden. I don't want to use my fingers to squeeze and probe at you. A safe and reliable pore vacuum should do the trick! (You should talk and listen to your skin, haven't you heard?) In all seriousness, pores and blackheads can feel like a mystery. You don't know what's inside of your pores and they have a mind of their own. There are products out there made specifically for shrinking the size of pores (opens in new tab) and removing pores and blackheads, like cult-loved Biore Pore Strips (opens in new tab) ($6) and various acids that exfoliate the skin. (opens in new tab) But if you put aside strips and salicylic acid, the next I'm-not-playing-around skincare step is a pore vacuum, also known as a blackhead removal vacuum.

How do pore vacuums work?

Pore vacuums are designed to remove blackheads, as well as the excess oil and build-up that clogs pores. Most pore vacuums also feature different modes that lift the skin while penetrating products deeper into your moisture barrier. Dermatologists consider pore vacuums safe—as long as you use the correct settings and don't let them linger on one part of your face for too long. 

Before you use any cleansing device, properly cleanse your skin to prep your pores and pull out a face steamer if you have one to open your pores even more—a steamy shower is a cheat code.

What do dermatologists say about pore extraction?

For extremely clogged pores, skip the vacuum and go straight to the dermatologist. According to Joshua Zeichner, MD: "The thing is, you really do need a very skilled professional, like a reputable dermatologist, to properly extract clogged pores. If you use incorrect pressure, or go in at the wrong angle, you easily disrupt the integrity of your follicles, leading to inflammation and breakouts."

Ahead, our favorite pore vacuums.

Tatjana Freund
Tatjana Freund

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