Prince William Broke Royal Protocol to Take a Selfie With a Fan in Ireland

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Ireland - Day Two
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  • During his recent royal tour of Ireland, Prince William broke royal protocol by posing for a selfie with a fan in County Kildare.
    • The royal leaned in for a selfie with a young fan named Jennifer, whose mother, Donna Malone, shared her daughter's royal selfie and a picture of Jennifer snapping the photo on Twitter.
      • In her tweet, which contained a total of four photos of William, TK wrote that the royal was "a really nice guy."

        Prince William and Kate Middleton are breaking all the rules on their latest royal tour of Ireland. Okay, not all of the rules, but some of them at least.

        Case in point: Will's fan selfie, which very much went against royal protocol. So, who was the fan who inspired the 37-year-old, usually by-the-book royal to break this royal rule? Her name is Jennifer and she seems utterly delightful and one thousand percent worthy of the royal rule-breaking.

        Jennifer's mother, Donna Malone, shared the selfie, along with three other photos from her family's royal encounter, on Twitter. In the selfie, Will can be seen leaning down over Jennifer's shoulder and beaming from ear-to-ear.

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        "A really nice guy," Donna tweeted with the pics, which were taken in County Kildare.

        William was not the photographer for the rogue selfie, in case you were wondering. Donna also shared a picture of Jennifer snapping the picture, because the moment deserved full documentation, of course.

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        Check out the rest of Donna's royal photo shoot (and the super sweet comments they've garnered) below:

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