Chrissy Teigen Shares Photoshop of Son Miles' Face on 'Tiger King' Star Joe Exotic's Body

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    • Chrissy Teigen was apparently one of the series' fans and took to Twitter to share a picture of her son, Miles Stephens', head photoshopped onto Tiger King star Joe Exotic's body.
      • The model and host of Quibi's Chrissy's Court, also responded to a fan tweet asking her to rule on claims Exotic made in the series alleging that his longtime rival, Carole Baskin, murdered her second husband, Don Lewis.

        No one is safe from Chrissy Teigen's razor sharp internet humor—not even her kids.

        Last week, the Netflix-having world sat in self-isolation and collectively binged the streaming giant's latest addictive, stranger than fiction true crime docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness.

        For anyone who hasn't yet seen the doc, it follows the bizarrely-eccentric Joe Exotic, who, for many years, operated a makeshift zoo featuring hundreds of tigers in Oklahoma. The series chronicles Exotic's years-long feud with animal rights activist Carole Baskin, which culminated in his conviction in an alleged murder-for-hire scheme against her.

        As insane as Tiger King might sound based on that brief description, rest assured that the twisty tales is even weirder than you're imagining. The show absolutely captivated viewers, including, it seems, Chrissy.

        On Thursday, Chrissy hopped on Twitter to casually share a captionless photoshop of her son, Miles Stephens', head cropped onto Joe Exotic's sequin-adorned body, and it was perfection.

        Earlier that day, a fan called on Chrissy, who wears a judge's robe and lays down the "law" as the host of Quibi's Chrissy's Court, to rule on one of Tiger King's biggest unsolved mysteries. In the series, Exotic (and others) make claims that Baskin murdered her second husband, millionaire Don Lewis, who went missing during their marriage and was never found.

        "It is my opinion that I believe someone named Don has maybe gone through a woman named Carole’s meat grinder for sure," she wrote.

        Judge Chrissy has ruled. Case closed.

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