Sophie Turner Says the Outfit She Wore to Kit Harington's Wedding Is One of Her Worst Looks Ever

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Wedding Sightings
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  • In a new interview, Sophie Turner looked back on some of her biggest fashion fails.
    • Speaking to ELLE UK, the 24-year-old actress said that the red blazer dress she wore to the wedding of her Game of Thrones costars, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, was one of her "worst looks."
      • Turner explained that she was forced to wear the blazer after a fashion emergency ruled out her original options.

        Sophie Turner has some regrets—specifically some fashion-related regrets.

        In a new interview with ELLE UK, the 24-year-old actress played a game called "It's a Mood," in which she addressed one of her least favorite fashion moments of all time.

        Upon being shown a picture of herself at her Game of Thrones costars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding in June 2018, Turner actually groaned.

        "Ohhhh no," Turner lamented. "I'll forever regret this look. One of my worst looks."

        The groan-inducing look in question? A red blazer, worn as a dress with a black top underneath. Sophie paired the look with thigh-high black boots, red sunglasses, and a black and white checkered purse.

        If you need a refresher, here's a full-length view of the outfit:

        Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Wedding Sightings
        Mark R. MilanGetty Images

        According to Turner, the red blazer dress was never what she planned to wear to the formal Aberdeenshire nuptials. Here's what happened: Turner packed two "classy" dresses to choose between for the high-profile event. The problem? She hadn't tried them on in advance and neither fit, which left her scrambling for a last-minute look for the wedding.

        "I had a fashion emergency," she explained. "It was either the thigh-high boots or these nice heels but I felt like if I just wore the heels all of my leg is showing, if I cover up a little bit then... urgh, it was a disaster. Worst fashion choice."

        One accessory from that day that Turner has no regrets about, however? Her date, costar and longtime friend, Maisie Williams, who attended the ceremony with her.

        "Maisie is a great wedding date, the best wedding date next to Joe [Jonas]," she joked. "I have to say that."

        Watch Sophie's full interview/game of "It's a Mood" below:

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