Jennifer Lopez Recruited Alex Rodriguez For a Hilarious TikTok Dance Challenge

This is delightful.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globes
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  • Jennifer Lopez and fiancé Alex Rodriguez both completed the #WorldOfDanceAgain TikTok challenge, dancing to J. Lo and Pitbull's 2012 single "Dance Again."
  • " Machos got moves!!!!" Lopez wrote on Instagram.
  • A-Rod was a little more critical of his performance, writing, "You know what they say, practice makes perfect! Or in this case, practice makes it not as bad!!"

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's joint TikTok challenges are way up there in the official Cutest Things On The Internet rankings, and their latest effort has cemented that position. J. Lo and A-Rod both completed a dance challenge to Lopez' 2012 single "Dance Again"; J. Lo, naturally, nailed it, while A-Rod...gave it a solid go.

"Machos got moves!!!!" Lopez wrote on Instagram, while Rodriguez shared the video with a slightly more critical take: "You know what they say, practice makes perfect! Or in this case, practice makes it not as bad!!" J. Lo, A-Rod, you are delightful, and I am sincerely grateful for this gift.

Lopez and Rodriguez gave a virtual keynote speech to New York City's class of 2020 Tuesday, during which Lopez encouraged students to continue to support the Black Lives Matter movement. "The only answer to systemic racism, inequality and hate, is systemic love and acceptance. We need to speak up and speak love every chance we get," she said, as E! reports. "We need to get involved. March in the streets, sign petitions, make phone calls, volunteer at charities, support minority-owned businesses. You can't help your community unless you are really experiencing life with your community."

"You may have earned your degree today, but you never stop being a student. Make an effort to learn more and more every single day," Lopez continued. "Change does not come unless you work for it, push for it."

"You guys truly are the future, and we know you will make this world a better place," she said.

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