Kate Middleton Wore Alexander McQueen, Her Wedding Dress Designer, to Celebrate Canada Day

To celebrate Canada Day, Kate Middleton and Prince William spoke to staff at Fraser Health’s Surrey Memorial Hospital, with Kate wearing Alexander McQueen.

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  • To celebrate Canada Day, Kate Middleton and Prince William spoke via Zoom to staff at Fraser Health’s Surrey Memorial Hospital, in British Columbia.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke to frontline workers about their experiences of the coronavirus pandemic, and its impact on their mental health.
  • Kate wore a tweed shift dress from Alexander McQueen—who also designed her wedding dress.

Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated Canada Day Wednesday by sharing a new video of their latest Zoom engagement, in which they spoke to healthcare workers at Fraser Health’s Surrey Memorial Hospital in British Columbia. The Cambridges spoke to staff about working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on their mental health.

"It's an amazing role that you're playing and a hugely tough one as well, so we're in huge admiration for everything you're doing," Kate said.

"Catherine and I just wanted to just touch base and say how proud we are of all of you and everyone on the front line who have led the way very stoically, very bravely, and put patient care right at the top of the list, and done a fantastic job," William added. "So well done to all of you, and I hope Catherine and I can come and visit you guys one day and say that to you in person."

Kate and William also spoke to healthcare social worker Sunny Dulai about her experience of pregnancy while working to combat the pandemic. "Initially I was like, 'No, I can do this.' Emotionally, it wasn't really impacting me," Dulai shared. "And then as I got later in my pregnancy and the more the pandemic started to move along, it really did impact my mental health."

"I felt like I was angrier because I didn't have the support networks at home that I typically have. I have three siblings and not to be able to physically interact with them became challenging," Dulai continued. "But I never once felt that I needed to stop working where I work, because of the support I got from my team."

Royal style trackers What Kate Wore identified Kate's dress as the Tweed Shift Dress from Alexander McQueen—who, you'll recall, also designed Kate's wedding dress. Alas, the dress is sold out pretty much everywhere, but you can shop some lookalikes (several of which are on sale!) below:

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