Kate Middleton Wore an Adorable Tennis Print Midi Dress to Surprise Young Tennis Players

And then Andy Murray showed up!

Who loves an overtly themed outfit more than one Kate Middleton? Last week, she surprised young tennis players at a South London school with a video call from former Wimbledon champion Andy Murray—and wore a green silk midi dress with a cute tennis player print for the occasion.

As HELLO! reports, the Duchess of Cambridge video-chatted with students at Bond Primary School (British schoolchildren typically attend primary school between the ages of 4 and 11) in Mitcham, South London, asking them what they learned during that day's tennis lesson.

Then, she surprised them by introducing Andy Murray, who gave the young tennis fans some advice. "The most important thing is to have fun," he said. "If you’re competing or playing any matches, try really hard in them. But winning and losing isn't the most important thing. Enjoying playing a sport and being active is the most important thing. If you do go on to choose it as your career, obviously the winning and losing changes a bit."

Kate wore the Tennis Long Maria Dress from HVN for the video call, which you can get a closer look at in the post below:

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Kate Middleton

(Image credit: YouTube / The Royal Family)

Alas, as is often the case with Kate's outfits, the dress is now sold out pretty much everywhere. You can, however, pick up the Maria style in a different print:

Alternatively, try some other cute printed styles by HVN:

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