Jessica Mulroney Is Offering Free Pandemic Wedding Advice to People Who Comment on This Instagram Post

That's one way to increase engagement.

  • After taking a break from social media following her white privilege scandal this summer, Jessica Mulroney is back on Instagram and actively engaging with her followers there.
  • In a new post, the stylist and wedding expert offered to give free advice for planning weddings and wedding-related activities during a pandemic.
  • Mulroney invited followers to leave their questions in the post's comments and replied to several.

Jessica Mulroney is back at the social media game after a brief hiatus following her now-infamous white privilege scandal this summer. The stylist/former TV host is sharing some of her expertise about a topic near and dear to her heart: Weddings.

Prior to her scandalous summer, Mulroney was hosting a Canadian reality show called I Do, Redo, which was set to follow couples who'd had disastrous weddings as they tried to capture some more magic a second time around (the series was pulled from production by its production company, CTV, in the wake of the stylist's scandal). Before the reality show that could have been, Mulroney was rumored to be the unofficial wedding planner for her longtime friend Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

That's all to set up why Jessica Mulroney would take to Instagram to offer free wedding advice to fans, because that's exactly what she did this week.

"Getting a lot of requests for weddings which makes me incredibly happy," Mulroney wrote along with a photo of herself and a bride-to-be. "At the moment I am focusing on pro bono work with brides and grooms that have had a rough go, but please share your story below and I’ll see what I can do. 💋 Hope I can help all of you."

Ask on 'Gram and 'Gram will respond. Fans definitely took Mulroney up on the offer for free expert pro tips in the comments for the post—and she made good on her promise and replied to several of them. Here are a few of the nuggets of wedding wisdom Mulroney laid down.

Bridal shower styling:

"Help with bridal shower outfit ideas for the fall (I am the bride of a COVID delayed wedding😭)," one soon-to-be bride wrote. "Skirt with ivory sweater? Help!"

Mulroney responded, basically just confirming that the woman in question was right and she can wear her ivory sweater with a skirt to her own bridal shower. PHEW.

Jessica Mulrony Instagram

(Image credit: Instagram)

Very specific wedding decor:

One fan wrote with a super specific question about where to shop for her lighting needs, writing, "Any ideas of wear to buy hundreds string lights/ net for a ‘starry night’ theme?"

Mulroney proved that no question was too niche for her to tackle and replied with a rec for a specific store in Canada (where she lives). "@canadiantire I believe have some!!! If not I have some great other ideas."

Jessica Mulrony Instagram

(Image credit: Instagram)

Winter Wonderland wedding planning:

Since a lot of would-be spring and summer brides have postponed their nuptials due to the coronavirus pandemic and are now planning much different, winter-themed events, one user asked for Mulroney's best "winter wonderland" theme tips.

"Lit up icicles hanging on beautiful snow covered trees," Mulroney advised. "That’s my first thought."

Jessica Mulrony Instagram

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Budget-friendly venue advice:

Another user commented with a much more universal question about affordable venues. While the comment was specifically about venues for teachers, Mulroney's advice is solid for anyone on a tight wedding budget.

"We can find outdoor space or a restaurant at cost. ❤️❤️❤️," Mulroney wrote, adding, "Love my teachers."

Jessica Mulrony instagram

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Communion color schemes:

Mulroney also answered a few non-wedding but still firmly Big Life Event planning-related questions, like this one from a woman planning her twins' first communion:

"Identical twin girls communion, any ideas? I want to stay away from any pinks, was thinking white on white everything??? Let me know your thoughts?" the IG user wrote.

Mulroney responded with a firm (and very excited) opinion about the color scheme: "Oh!!! Ok. I would stay neutral as well. Crisp white. Gold silverware."

Jessica Mulrony Instagram

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Designing a home office:

A few industrious people took the chance to pick an influencer's brain about other things, like home decor. One user asked Mulroney what the best desk chair is on the market and the stylist copped to preferring plain old IKEA like the rest of us peons.

Jessica mulrony instagram

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Another user asked Mulroney if she could share "any tips for setting up a low budget little office/desk area" in her home. "Staples is your best organized friend," Mulroney replied. "Stay one color. Tonal. A few cute pics in nice frames. And a pencil sharpener."

Of course, most non event planning-related advice was not included in the pro bono 'Gram fest, but it sounds like you can slide right on into Mulroney's DMs if you'd like to hire her as a side hustle coach by any chance.

Jessica Mulrony Instagram

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