Jessica Mulroney Posted and Then Quickly Deleted a Throwback Pic from Meghan Markle's Wedding on Instagram

Well, this isn't NOT awkward...

meghan markle and jessica mulrony
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  • Earlier this week, Meghan Markle's longtime friend Jessica Mulroney posted and then quickly deleted a throwback picture from the Duchess' royal wedding day.
  • The picture, which featured one of Mulroney's twin sons holding Meghan's veil and smiling, was captioned, "I see this and pure joy."
  • The quick deletion comes after a wave of rumors earlier this summer that Meghan was actively distancing herself from Mulroney after the latter was criticized and let go from several high-profile jobs for reportedly using her white privilege in an attempt damage the career of a Black influencer.

Jessica Mulroney is easing back into social media after her self-imposed hiatus this summer. In case you somehow forgot, the stylist and former TV personality found herself on the receiving end of public scrutiny and multiple pink slips earlier this summer after a scandal involving her use of her own white privilege. Specifically, Sasha Exeter, a prominent Black influencer, accused Mulroney of pressuring brands not to work with her after she posted a general call for other influencers to use their platforms to speak out against racism.

In addition to causing several major career setbacks for her, the ordeal reportedly put a strain on Mulroney's friendship with Meghan Markle...and that strain might not be totally unstrained yet.

On Thursday, Mulroney posted a sweet throwback photo of one of her sons beaming behind Meghan as he helped carry her veil on her wedding day (both of Mulroney's twin sons, Brian and John, had the honor of serving as pageboys at the royal wedding).

"I see this and pure joy," Mulroney wrote in the photo's caption.

meghan markle wedding day

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Why is that a screenshot of the post instead of an embed, you might be wondering? Well, that's because Mulroney pretty quickly deleted the post for reasons that aren't totally clear.

It's possible that Meghan or someone from Team Sussex asked Mulroney to take down the pic, considering reports earlier this summer that the Duchess was actively distancing herself from her longtime friend amid the fallout.

"Meghan obviously can't be seen in public with her, she needs to cool it for now, but it will be surprising if she doesn't get back in touch because Jess knows a lot," a source told The Sun in June.

Was this a requested take down or just a post that Mulroney realized she wasn't feeling after all for totally unrelated reasons? Honestly, we'll probably never know for sure.

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