Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte Can Floss, Prince William Revealed

Who saw this secret talent coming?

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  • Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte share a secret talent: flossing.
  • Prince William revealed their shared love of the dance move in new documentary Prince William: A Planet For Us All.
  • William hasn't mastered the move: He admitted, "It's like a really horrible film to watch me floss."

If you've ever encountered a child, there's a solid chance you've also borne witness to flossing, a dance move small humans love with a fiery passion. Being, as she is, a child, it turns out Princess Charlotte loves to floss too, while mom Kate Middleton has also mastered the move.

In new documentary Prince William: A Planet For Us All, the Duke of Cambridge speaks to schoolchildren during a visit to Liverpool, as Hello! reports. One student, Poppy, asks William, "Has Prince George learnt you the floss?" His response: "No, Charlotte can floss. She can already floss at four [Charlotte turned five after the scene was filmed.] Yeah, you don't want to see me floss. Catherine can floss but I can't. It's like a really horrible film to watch me floss." Noted!

In other Cambridge children news: Over the weekend, the public heard Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis speak in a rare video shared by Kate and William on Instagram. The mini royals posed questions to environmentalist David Attenborough, who's pretty beloved by the whole family (last week, Kate and William shared photos of Attenborough visiting the Cambridges in the gardens of Kensington Palace.)

George went first, solemnly asking Attenborough, "What animal do you think will become extinct next?" (His response: hopefully none, providing conservation efforts are adequately supported.) Charlotte's question was a little less intense: "I like spiders, do you like spiders too?" And Louis kept things broad, asking, "What animal do you like?" Attenborough's answer, for the curious: "I think I like monkeys best."

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