Sophie Turner Got a New Tattoo in Tribute to Her Daughter, Willa

    This is extremely sweet: Sophie Turner got a new tattoo in honor of her baby daughter, Willa, which she subtly displayed on Instagram Wednesday. Keen observers of Turner's ever-expanding tattoo collection will be aware that she has a tiny "J" inked on the inside of her wrist, a tribute to husband Joe Jonas—and Jonas has a matching "S" on his, as Refinery29 reports. Well, Turner just added to that tattoo, reflecting the growing Turner-Jonas family.

    On her Instagram Story, she posted a selfie, seemingly showing off her vintage band tee reading, "GET YOUR EMOTIONS IN MOTION" (a reference to Billy Squier's 1982 album and single of the same name, Emotions in Motion). But the more eagle-eyed among us will notice Turner's wrist is also visible in the photo, and that aforementioned "J" tattoo has a new friend. Turner appears to have added a tiny "W" under the "J"and it seems fair to assume it stands for Willa, Turner and Jonas' baby daughter. Observe:

    sophie turner tattoo daughter willa instagram

    Turner's a well-documented fan of the subtle Instagram reveal, sharing Willa's birthday the exact same way. Last week, she posted a photo on her Instagram Story of herself wearing a gold chain necklace with an engraved pendant reading, "22.07.20," adding the simple caption, "Thank you @jenniferfisherjewelry." TMZ reported that Turner gave birth on July 22, but neither Turner nor Jonas had confirmed the exact date before Turner debuted her new necklace. Honestly, who needs a spokesperson when you've got Instagram?

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