Kate Middleton Plans to Make Some Serious Changes to Royal Protocol When She's Queen Consort, Apparently

"Kate may change some of the outdated royal rules when she becomes queen..."

Kate Middleton
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  • When Prince William takes the throne, his wife, Kate Middleton, will become queen consort.
  • A royal insider told Us Weekly that Kate may make some changes to royal protocol when she's in charge. 
  • Specifically, Kate reportedly wants to be more accessible to the public when she's queen consort, both in person and virtually.

Kate Middleton has been a picture perfect royal-by-marriage and proven that she can follow any royal rule that's thrown at her. But just because she's great at following the sometime-archaic royal rules doesn't mean she agrees with all of them. In fact, some royal experts think she might make some very big changes to how things works in the royal family when her husband, Prince William, becomes king.

When Will takes the throneKate will be promoted to a new royal title too: Queen Consort. And with that new title will come new power to make changes. Being queen consort will mean a lot of responsibility, of course, but no one doubts that Kate is ready for it.

"Kate has flourished into a queen in waiting in front of everyone’s eyes," a royal source told Us Weekly. "The royal family could not be more pleased."

So what might Kate want to change about the way royal rules work when she's in charge? She's apparently really focused on being more accessible to the public, which takes a huge cue from her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, aka "the People's Princess."

"Kate may change some of the outdated royal rules when she becomes queen [consort]," the source explained, adding that Kate also wants to make more time to meet and speak with the public at official events. "She’s also been very present on social media and has gotten comfortable doing TV interviews and virtual chats. She’s keen to continue that in the future as well."

We'll just have to wait and see what specific rules Kate might change when she gets the chance.

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