The Queen Is Still Prince Harry's "Mentor" and Their Relationship Is Unchanged Since the Royal Exit

Prince Harry and the Queen have maintained their close bond since the royal exit and he still sees her as a mentor, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl.

  • Since the royal exit, reports have swirled that Prince Harry has fallen out with many members of the royal family, but this isn't necessarily true. While he and his older brother, Prince William, have been relatively open about their issues (for royals, that is), Harry is reportedly still in close contact with his father, Prince Charles, and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.
  • According to royal expert and author Katie Nicholl, Harry has been in close contact with the Queen via phone and video chat since the royal exit.
  • "Harry has always seen his grandmother as a mentor. While he might be in LA that has not changed," Nicholl explained.

The royal exit has changed a lot of things for Prince Harry, but one thing that's still the same as always is his close bond with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Although Harry's relationship with his older brother, Prince William, has been infamously strained since Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, announced their decision to step back from royal life, he's stayed in close contact with other members of his family, according to royal expert and author Katie Nicholl.

"Harry is in touch with his father the Prince of Wales and he is in quite regular contact with the Queen," Nicholl explained, according to Express. "She is always delighted to see Archie on video calls and it is very important to her that she touches base with Harry."

More than just touching base, Harry and the Queen reportedly have such a close bond that he still turns to her for advice and discusses his future plans with her—and the royal exit hasn't changed that.

"She is in touch with them, she knows what is going on in their lives, they discuss their plans with her," Nicholl added. "Harry has always seen his grandmother as a mentor. While he might be in LA that has not changed."

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