Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Subtly Revealed Their Daughter's Name

Hadid revealed the name of her daughter with Malik in the subtlest way, quietly changing her Instagram bio on Thursday night to read, "khai's mom."

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have carefully preserved their daughter's privacy since welcoming her last September, cropping out her face in photos or angling her away from the camera and covering her stroller on trips out in public. But the couple did finally share one crucial bit of information about their new baby, one fans have been clamoring for since she arrived: her name.

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Hadid and Malik didn't make a public announcement about their daughter's name (or even dedicate an Instagram post to the news). Instead, Hadid revealed the name in the subtlest way, quietly changing her Instagram bio on Thursday night. She added two simple words that instantly triggered a thousand headlines: "khai's mom." So there you have it: Baby Hadid-Malik is named Khai!

gigi hadid zayn malik daughter name khai instagram bio

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Hadid shared a series of sweet posts about her daughter, who's just turned four months old, on her Instagram Story Thursday. First, she posted a photo of herself kissing baby Khai (her face just out of frame), adding the caption, "my girl. 4 months & THE BEST KID." Next, she shared a screenshot of texts, presumably sent to Malik, reading, "Hey," followed by, "I'm obsessed w our kid."

To celebrate Malik's birthday on January 12, Hadid posted a cute photo of the couple, celebrating her boyfriend and their daughter in the caption. "Team No Sleep ! Happiest birthday to our Zaddy baba. So special. Love you long time, thank you for makin me a mamma to the best girl ever," she wrote. "Wish you the best every single day."

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