Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte Go Hunting for Spiders Together

Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton go spider hunting together during breaks from home-schooling, royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed.

Princess Charlotte is a well-documented fan of spiders—she told David Attenborough as much when the Cambridge kids interviewed the naturalist (opens in new tab) last year—so her favorite outdoor activity comes as little surprise. According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, who spoke to OK! (opens in new tab) about Kate Middleton and Prince William's approach to home-schooling their children, the Cambridges go on frequent "spider hunts" with their daughter.

Nicholl explained, "Kate has been interested in how outdoor learning can benefit children. She got to meet children who had lessons outside and ask how they enjoyed it. She saw the benefit first-hand. Kate is aware of screen time and tries to limit the children being exposed to too much. When the children have a break, she takes them outside, come rain or shine."

"She wants them to get fresh air and be in nature. She loves to pick vegetables with them in the gardens. If they are learning about rivers or the sea, she and William try to incorporate that into their walks," Nicholl continued. "Charlotte is a massive fan of spiders and loves looking at them and learning about them, so they go on spider hunts so that she can see them up close and then let them go."

"Kate and William are very involved with the children’s schooling," Nicholl said. Their approach to the Cambridge kids' education played a central role in their choice of school, the royal expert added: "Thomas’s Battersea expects a hands-on approach from parents; that’s part of the reason they picked it."

As for the nightmare that is Zoom school? Apparently, it's not going too badly for Kate and William (who, presumably, have never had to deal with spotty WiFi). "George and Charlotte are studious and love to learn, so they are pretty self-sufficient when it comes to Zoom learning," Nicholl said.


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