Miley Cyrus Loves Britney Spears as Much as You Do

Miley gave Britney a sweet shoutout at her pre-Super Bowl concert.

Ahead of the Super Bowl LV kickoff on Sunday, Miley Cyrus performed a collection of her hits at the TikTok Tailgate pre-game concert in Tampa, Florida. At the livestreamed set, Cyrus gave a shoutout to none other than pop icon Britney Spears during a rendition of her hit song “Party in the USA.” In the middle of the “Party in the USA” chorus, Cyrus shouted, “We love Britney!”

While it's no secret that Britney Spears has endured a few turbulent years, this past weekend brought her controversial legal situation back into the foreground. In a new documentary from the New York Times titled “Framing Britney Spears,” we’re given an inside look into the events that led up to Spears’ 2008 conservatorship ruling—which is essentially a court mandate that gave Spears’ father legal control over her estate and daily life.

As the details of the conservatorship emerged in the past few years, fans and the general public alike banded together under the hashtag #FreeBritney to spread awareness about Spears’ lack of control over her own life. This past November, #FreeBritney activists protested outside the courthouse where a judge heard the latest update to her complicated legal situation. Ultimately, the judge ruled in favor of keeping her father as a co-conservator with the financial company Bessemer Trust.

Zoe Guy

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