Courteney Cox Shared Her Adorable Nickname for Jennifer Aniston in a Birthday Message

Courteney Cox wished Jennifer Aniston a happy 52nd birthday Thursday, revealing her nickname for her Friends co-star in a sweet Instagram post.

Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 52nd birthday on Thursday—which, naturally, meant a slew of cute birthday messages from her celebrity friends. Among the sweetest was a post from Friends co-star and enduring bestie Courteney Cox, who shared two throwback photos: one of Cox, Aniston, and what looks like a young Coco, Cox's now teenage daughter, and another of Cox and Aniston on an airplane, wearing matching black tank tops.

In the caption, Cox wished Aniston a happy birthday, while revealing her nickname for her former Friends roommate: Jenny Louise. While the origins of "Jenny" are pretty obvious, "Louise" remains a mystery, as Cox admitted even she doesn't remember where the name came from. "Happy Birthday Jenny Louise! We’ve known each other so long I don’t even remember why I call you that. I love you!" Cox wrote.

Cox wasn't the only Friends star to wish Aniston a happy birthday on Instagram Thursday: Reese Witherspoon, who played younger sister Jill to Aniston's Rachel and now stars alongside Aniston in The Morning Show, also shared a sweet birthday tribute. Posting a photo of the duo on what looks like the set of The Morning Show, Witherspoon wrote, "Happy birthday to my #morningshow co-host!"

"From Green sisters to news anchors, we always manage to find time to talk and laugh about every topic under the sun," Witherspoon continued. "Just one of the many reasons why I feel so lucky to know you on and off the screen. Celebrating you today, my hysterical / loving / talented friend!" Cute!

Emily Dixon
Morning Editor

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