J.Lo Looks Impossibly Stunning In a One-Piece White Swimsuit

Is summer here yet?!

Jennifer Lopez
(Image credit: Instagram)

Jennifer Lopez definitely knows her selfie angles. On Sunday, she posted a photo in a white one-piece suit with cut-outs. In the photo, she shows off her impressive biceps and a glowing look:

Anybody else ready for their own beach look after seeing this?

In the Lopez-Rodriguez house, though, the real stars of February 2021 have been Lopez's twins, Emme and Max, who turned 13 years old on February 22.

"My beautiful babies are teenagers today!!," she wrote on Instagram alongside a video of her kids enjoying birthday breakfast in bed. "OMG!! I can't believe it’s been 13 years since I carried them both home in my arms in the middle of a snowstorm. Out of that blizzard came two perfect lil' coconuts who rearranged my life and taught me the true meaning of love. It has been the most magical journey full of adventure and joy ever since... I'm feeling so many emotions this morning...so very emotional today... so proud and happy and heartbroken that I can't feeeze [sic] time. To my two caring, sensitive and special souls...who I know will change and rearrange the world in your own very unique ways...your mama loves you beyond forever.. and ever and ever..."

Like a true nostalgic mom, Lopez celebrated her kids by posting old videos of them.

"I wrote this song 'One Step at a Time' when the twins were six weeks old... Max was already trying to curl up and get out of his chair... I was like 'where are you going lil one? Where are you running off to?' All I could think was before I know it they will be running around, and it was already going so fast and I wanted it all to slow down!! Lol. And next thing I know... boom... 13."

Spoken like a true proud mom.

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