Emma Watson's New Bob Might Inspire Your Next Salon Appointment

Love this new look.

Emma Watson
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  • Emma Watson transformed her hair from a darker, shoulder length style to a choppy caramel bob.
  • Watson was spotted with the new look while running errands in Beverly Hills Wednesday.
  • Her manager recently debunked rumors that she'd given up acting, telling Entertainment Weekly in a statement, "Emma's social media accounts are dormant but her career isn't."

Emma Watson is well accustomed to a dramatic hair transformation—over a decade later, I still ask myself whether I could pull off that pixie cut, for instance. And while her latest cut isn't quite so drastic, it's still a major change for the actor. Watson was spotted with a choppy caramel bob while taking a trip to a tailor in Beverly Hills Wednesday, as Hollywood Life reports, after previously sporting a shoulder length, slightly darker brunette style. And now I'm contemplating cutting my hair off again!

Watson was photographed picking up lunch after her visit to the tailor, looking chic and casual in a grey sweater, black pants, and matching black face mask. See the photos of Watson and her brand new bob here.

It's been a stressful month for Emma Watson's fanbase, after reports suggested Watson had given up acting altogether after 20 years in the business. "Emma Watson has gone 'dormant' according to her agent," an article in the Daily Mail alleged. "That appears to be movie-speak for she's 'given up acting.'"

Thankfully, that turned out not to be the case at all. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jason Weinberg, Watson's manager at talent agency Untitled Entertainment, stressed that while the actor has gone quiet on social media, she certainly hasn't given up her day job. "Emma's social media accounts are dormant but her career isn't," Weinberg said in a statement. Phew! 


Emma Watson Doppleganger Kari Lewis

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