Prince William Is the World's Sexiest Bald Man, According to a New Study

According to a new study from UK-based cosmetic surgery specialists Longevita, Prince William is the world's sexiest bald man.

  • According to a new study, Prince William is officially the world's sexiest bald man.
  • For the study, researchers for cosmetic surgery specialists Longevita analyzed millions of blog posts, reports, and web pages found via Google search and found that the Duke of Cambridge was described as "sexy" 17.6 million times.
  • William beat out lots of other famous bald men for the title, including Mike Tyson, Jason Statham, Pitbull, and Michael Jordan, who rounded out the top five.

Prince William's sexiness status is now *official*. Specifically, the 38-year-old royal and father of three has officially been named the world's sexiest bald man, according to a new study.

Yes, that's right, study. This isn't just opinion; it's science.

According to a report from The Sun, the researchers behind the study (conducted by UK-based cosmetic surgery specialists Longevita) named Will the sexiest bald man in the world after analyzing millions of blogs, reports, and web pages found through Google search. The result: The Duke of Cambridge was described as "sexy" a whopping 17.6 million times in the results the researchers analyzed.

Will was far from being the only public figure included in the research.

"There are quite a few bald public figures we can feast our eyes on," a spokesperson for Longevita said, per The Sun

To put Will's new title into perspective, he beat out several other famously sexy bald men in the study, including Mike TysonJason Statham, Pitbull, and Michael Jordan, who rounded out the rest of the top five. Other hairless hot guys mentioned in the study (but not in the top five slots themselves) include Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), Bruce WillisVin DieselFloyd Mayweather, and John Travolta.

This isn't the first time Prince William's hairline has made headlines. In a 2019 interview with The TelegraphRob Lowe described the royal's well-documented hair loss as "traumatic."

"I mean, the future king of your country let himself lose his hair!" Lowe said. "So when I say British men set a very low bar. ... Honestly, one of the great traumatic experiences of my life was watching Prince William lose his hair. He’s going to be the f*cking king of England!"

Just a few weeks later, the actor appeared on Good Morning Britain to clarify the comments, which drew a lot of criticism after their publication.

"My point was here’s a guy who is fully comfortable in his own skin, then on the other side of the coin you have me, I can’t even watch another guy go bald without being even more narcissistic and wanting to plug in the Propecia into a drip into my own," Lowe explained of his controversial comments on William's hair, before adding that he has nothing but love and respect for the royal, who he described as a "stud."

"This is my thing. I saw the hubbub it caused on your side of the pond. I think it’s a case of two countries divided by a common language, because that was literally me slagging my own insecurity and narcissism," Lowe said. "He’s a stud, I love him. He’s awesome."

Looks like the internet (or at least big data based on the internet) agrees.

Kayleigh Roberts
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