Megan Thee Stallion Stuns With a Neon Pink Bob

Megan Thee Stallion debuted a gorgeous new look on Instagram Thursday: a neon pink bob, inspired by the anime The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Megan Thee Stallion stuns in absolutely every hairstyle (opens in new tab) she wears, so it comes as little surprise that her latest look is just so good. On Instagram Thursday, Meg debuted an extra bright neon pink bob, styled with blunt bangs and a high half pony at the top of her head. She wore the new look with an equally gorgeous outfit: a long-sleeved, neon green, mesh mini dress, diamond-encrusted jewelry, tinted sunglasses, and baby pink nails to set off her hair.

Megan also revealed the anime inspiration behind her look, quoting The Disastrous Life of Saiki K and sharing a series of photos from the show. "Good Grief ordinary people sure are a pain"—Saiki thee hottie," she captioned her Instagram post. Megan's a well-documented fan of anime (opens in new tab)—see her stunning My Hero Academia-inspired Paper cover (opens in new tab) and her merch line with Crunchyroll (opens in new tab) for just two examples. 

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Last year, Meg—otherwise known as Todoroki Tina—spoke to Crunchyroll's Tim Lyu (opens in new tab) about drawing life inspiration, as well as hair inspo, from anime. "I like how you see a character, and it starts off, he's not really the strongest, he might be a little weak, but he has to go through all this training. You grow with the character. You see all the trials and tribulations they go through," she said. "Then you meet new people along the way that help them become the person he needs to be. I apply that to my life a lot."

"One of the main reasons I really like anime is once the main character has a love interest, they are going so hard," she added. "They'll do anything for their lady!"

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