Billie Eilish Completes Her Hair Transformation With a Bouncy Blonde Blowout

After first debuting her blonde hair last month, Billie Eilish stunned with an even lighter bouncy blonde blowout in a new Instagram photo Monday.

  • Billie Eilish stunned with a bouncy blonde blowout in a new Instagram photo Monday.
  • Eilish first revealed she'd gone blonde last month, and appears to have lightened her hair further in the weeks since.
  • "things are comingggg," Eilish teased in her Instagram caption.

Billie Eilish broke an internet record when she revealed her new blonde hair on Instagram last month, as the photo became the fastest IG post to reach one million likes (it took just six minutes, according to the BBC!) But while Eilish's transformation from black with lime green roots to super bright blonde was immediately beloved by the internet, it looks like the process wasn't entirely complete.

Since first debuting her stunning yellow-blonde shag in March, Eilish appears to have progressively lightened her hair to an even brighter blonde, while experimenting with different styling methods. And on Monday, she posted a snap on Instagram wearing her hair in a bouncy blowout, the shade a lighter, more creamy blonde. Eilish wore a Gucci knit cardigan, a pearl necklace, and matching pearl earrings in the photo, which she posted with the intriguing caption, "things are comingggg."

Earlier this month, Eilish revealed her blonde transformation was a time-intensive process, starting all the way back in January. Asked during a casual Instagram Q&A session why she concealed her new hair at the Grammysas People reports, Eilish explained, "Cause it took six weeks to accomplish." She accompanied her response with a photo dated January 26, the "first round" of her blonde journey, in which she sported icy blonde roots with auburn lengths.

Eilish, who wore a wig at the Grammys that matched her previous black and green look, also said her hair was in great condition despite the intensive bleaching process. Asked if her hair was at all damaged, she responded, "honestly so healthy and i wasn't expecting that at all. it's actually healthier than it's been in a longggggggg time." What a result!

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