Meghan Markle Jokes With Melissa McCarthy for Her 40th Birthday

If you've ever wanted to see Prince Harry juggling, today's the day.

meghan markle 40th birthday
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Happy birthday, Meghan Markle! To mark her 40 years, the Duchess filmed a lighthearted chat with actress Melissa McCarthy over Zoom for Archewell, the website she shares with Prince Harry and which includes their charity foundation as well as some media endeavors.

The scripted video starts with McCarthy in a robe doing a Rubik's cube until Markle helpfully points out that her camera is on, at which point the actress changes into an over-the-top tea party-ready outfit. As for Markle, she wears a simple all-white outfit with heeled pumps and two star sign pendants around her neck: Taurus for Archie and Gemini for Lilibet, both from Logan Hollowell. Behind her, Guy the beagle sleeps contentedly on his bed, and on the back of the chair next to her is a towel with the letter H on it—for Hermès, but also to stand in for Harry.


Markle goes on to explain the point of the video, which is to announce her 40x40 initiative, an invitation to 40 of her friends to "donate 40 minutes of their time to help mentor a woman who's mobilizing back into the workforce" amid COVID.


Before Markle can fully explain what she's getting at, McCarthy takes a few wild guesses as to what the Duchess really wants for her birthday:

"My first guess, is it another photo shoot under a tree where you're looking very peaceful?"

"Are we finally getting matching tattoos?"

"Are you finally gonna do a Suits reunion?"

"YACHT PARTY! Yacht party."

The real highlight, though, is delivered by the bloopers at the end of the video. McCarthy bursts out laughing when she notices Prince Harry juggling — yes, juggling — outside the window.


I know it was totally planned, but I can't deny that got a chuckle out of me, too. Maybe if animated series don't work out, the Sussexes have a future in comedy?

watch the video

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