Ryan Reynolds Celebrated Blake Lively's Birthday the Only Way He Knows How

Did he forget his wife's birthday, or...?

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Does the phrase "Ryan Reynolds trolls Blake Lively" read disturbingly like déjà vu? Well, that's because trolling appears to be the main pillar on which that particular marriage is founded. And the perfect time to troll your spouse, per this celeb couple? That's right, their respective birthdays.

Never one to shun a tradition, Reynolds took to Instagram on Lively's birthday, Aug. 25, to *checks notes* completely ignore Lively's birthday. Instead, the actor decided to pay homage to Mariah Carey. Don't worry, I can explain.

There are a lot of layers to this, so buckle up: First, Reynolds posted a TikTok in which he hilariously lip syncs to Carey's song "Fantasy" to promote his movie Free Guy. Carey then dueted this TikTok, expertly side-eyeing the actor when he starts to do some questionable dance moves. Then, Carey reposted her TikTok duet to Instagramon Lively's birthday.

Seeing a priceless opportunity, Reynolds then posted this Instagram of a TikTok of a TikTok (try to keep up, OK?) to his Instagram Story, with the caption, "My favorite thing that's ever happened on August 25th." The subtext being, Mariah Carey dueting him trumps his wife being born. Reynolds then went on to post a bunch more things to his Instagram Story, none of which had anything to do with Lively's birthday. Absolutely brutal.

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Thankfully, Lively is an extremely popular celebrity and woman, and can count on the support of loved ones and fans alike to properly acknowledge her special day. The actress reposted many of the sweet birthday messages she received to her Instagram Story—including one from celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, which reads "HBD LUV U @BLAKELIVELY," and one from nail artist Nails by Mei.

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(Image credit: Blake Lively/Nails by Mei)

This comes after Lively showed off one of her early birthday outfits, a dreamy green princess gown with cherries on it—and early presents, a handbag from Louis Vuitton, a few days ago.

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(Image credit: Blake Lively)

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