Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are Meeting Up "Whenever Possible" Despite Their Busy Schedules

They're doing long distance the celebrity way.

new york, new york october 10 ben affleck l and jennifer lopez are seen in midtown on october 10, 2021 in new york city photo by gothamgc images
(Image credit: Gotham)

Obviously, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck lead full lives outside of their relationship—they are both highly successful, multitalented people after all. That means that their work schedules can get a little jam-packed with movies and other demanding projects, as is the case right now, but the two are still making time for each other.

"They are both filming during the week on location, but they have met up whenever possible," an insider tells E! News. "Ben has been in L.A., and J.Lo flew in from Vancouver to spend time with him. They hung out at his house and then left for the airport together on Sunday night. J.Lo has had her kids visit her in Vancouver, but she is also coming back and forth to L.A."

By now, Lopez and Affleck are seasoned experts in the art of balancing many competing priorities. "They are working out their schedules so that they can be sure to see each other every few days," the source adds. "Things are good between them, and they are staying connected. They are busy with their projects, but also making time to be together."

Honestly, it sounds like they have it all figured out—and they don't have to choose between their passionstheir families and their love life.

Lopez recently shared photos from the Vancouver set of Netflix movie The Mother on Instagram, where she's putting on a face of deep concentration even while she's not in front of the camera.

She sums it up best in her latest Instagram post, however, which teases a secret upcoming project. "It isn’t work when you love what you do," she says. Too right.