MC Cheatsheet: A New Reason for Girl Crush on Alexa Chung

Elana: "Alexa Chung's my ultimate girl crush, and I am literally counting the days until I can get my hands on her Madewell collaboration merch. In the meantime, I'll make do with this quickie interview about the project, in which Alexa sounds off on 'stupid shoes' and her sketching habits." Refinery29

Jessica: "I pass this movie poster every day. And every day I think, how in the hell did they airbrush Drew Barrymore into Sarah Jessica Parker?" First Showing

Jihan: "In a misguided effort not to be outdone by 'vajazzling,' men are now getting Brazilian waxes." Salon

Sophia: "J. Lo is looking for a new assistant! Get a load of her requirements, and then be very, very grateful for your own gig." dlisted

Anna: "The latest fashion inspiration: Elaine from Seinfeld! Unrelated: Why must the Times describe young women teetering in stilettos on cobblestones every time they mention New York's Meatpacking district?" New York Times

Kate: "Just when you thought airlines couldn't get any more evil, they managed to take the peanut-sized bag of peanuts (that they no longer offer on flights less than 10 hours) and shove it straight up your …" Gawker

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