MC Cheatsheet: Mad Men Finale Reveals Timeless Trend of "Cheating Down"

Plus, check out what other sites and stories we've been clicking on today.

John Hamm
(Image credit: John Shearer/WireImage)

Sophia: "Trying to dodge Mad Men finale spoilers online, I found this crazy explanation for why men enjoy 'cheating down' (i.e. with their secretaries)." Lemondrop

Anna: "Someone decided to hide 100 disposable cameras throughout Wicker Park, a hip neighborhood in Chicago, post clues on Twitter about where to find them, and then post the developed photos when the used cameras were returned — the results are awesome (and are kinda making me miss living in Chicago!)." Take Me With You

Erin: "Four words: Christine O'Donnell, Auto-Tuned." The Frisky

Jessica: "I find Russell Brand to be more and more delightful each day." Vulture

Jen: "After the ridiculously graphic sex scene in last week's Weeds, in which Mary-Louise Parker seduces Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell, can't wait to see what tonight's episode brings." New York Daily News

Kate: "Will Smith's daughter's new video is freakily AMAZING. And people, she's NINE." Gawker

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