MC@PLAY: Kat Dennings

Two Broke Girls star Kat Dennings, seen in next month's Thor: The Dark World, can't stop buying vintage books.

Kat Dennings
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I got into reading because: My mom used to take me to The Owl Bookshop in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. You could buy books by the pound.

Favorite literary genre: I like jaunty classics, preferably involving a hapless lady or a magical turn.

Most-loved reads: A Girl of the Limberlost and The Twilight of Magic. My dream is to make one of those into a movie.

Authors I admire: Charlotte Brontë—I collect editions of Jane Eyre—and Colette.

What I love about old books: The smell. It's my crack!

The last time I was book shopping with my boyfriend [actor Nick Zano]: He left and came back and I didn't even notice. I was like, "Where'd you get that coffee?" He'd been gone for two hours. @officialkat