16 Actresses Who Would Make AMAZING Little Mermaids, Ranked

Some casting ideas for Sofia Coppola.

16. Amy Adams. She did the live-action Disney princess thing in Enchanted. Wouldn't it also be kind of a coup to have a five-time Oscar-nominated actress play every little girl's favorite animated mermaid?

15. Isla Fisher. She even has "fish" in her name.

14. JoAnna Garcia Swisher. She currently plays Ariel on Once Upon a Time, so she's already familiar with what it feels like to travel via fin.

13. Lily Collins. Like Amy Adams, she's a veteran of the live-action-princess-movie community (she played Snow White in Mirror Mirror). Though she's a natural brunette, The Mortal Instruments clearly demonstrated that she looks pretty fierce as a ginger, too.

12. Shakira. Just try to argue that the "Whenever, Wherever" video wasn't fully inspired by The Little Mermaid.

11. Miley Cyrus. Put her in a red wig and BOOM! Country-flavored Ariel, with Billy Ray as King Triton.

10. Christina Hendricks. OK, Christina admittedly might be a little too come-hither for this movie if it's really meant to be "kid-friendly." But if Sofia wants an Ariel that will put heterosexual male butts in the seats, Christina is probably the way to go.

9. Kate Winslet. In case Sofia wants an Ariel who knows how to Act with a capital A.

8. Taylor Swift. She has the voice of an angel, plus she can write her own songs should there be any licensing issues with the original Disney ones.

7. Anna Kendrick. She can sing, and she's hilarious. Just imagine her in the dining-room scene where she uses a fork as a comb: comedy gold!

6. Bella Thorne. She's a great singer and dancer, plus she's only 16, which allows for plenty of years to make a few sequels. Hello, live-action The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea!

5. Jessica Chastain. She seems like a pretty serious choice for the role of a woman whose best friends are a flounder and a seagull, but her intensity could actually help her take The Little Mermaid to an amazing, indie-movie-for-adults place. She also looked damn good as Princess Merida in this photo shoot:

4. Sophie Turner. Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark has legit mermaid hair IRL; she is also used to living in a castle with a ton of siblings.

3. Rihanna. I mean:

2. Beyoncé. Can't you hear it now? "If I were a humaaaaaan ... I'd walk on land all dayyyy."

1. Lindsay Lohan. The staff of Cosmopolitan.com will not rest until this becomes a reality. #LiLoForAriel all day, every day.

Photo credit: Getty Images; ABC; Michelle Moricci, Cosmopolitan.com; Vogue


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