Britney Spears Got an Adorable New Puppy After Her Breakup with Sam Asghari

Her name is Snow.

Britney Spears
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Britney Spears just unveiled the cutest new puppy. In the wake of her sudden breakup with Sam Asghari, her husband of one year, Spears has turned to a guaranteed source of joy: A little white puffball of a dog that she's named Snow. 

In a video on Instagram, Spears showed off the teeny little pup and described her as the newest addition "to the family." In the self-shot video, the dog can be seen running around Spears' feet in one clip and then, in another, crawling through blankets toward Spears' camera. 

The new member of the family was introduced on the heels of the news that Spears and Asghari would be ending their marriage

In a post on his Instagram after the news broke, Asghari wrote, "After 6 years of love and commitment to each other my wife and I have decided to end our journey together." He also noted the futility of asking for privacy during a divorce from one of the most famous women on the planet. 

Spears later addressed the rumors in a vulnerable Instagram post where she alluded to problems in the marriage. "You're supposed to be loved unconditionally...not under conditions !!!" Spears wrote in the post

And while PETA is not thrilled that Spears chose to shop rather than adopt, we just hope that Snow provides some sweet emotional support to Britney during a tough time. 

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