The Ultimate Guide to Meghan Markle's Hair Evolution

Has she ever had a bad hair day?

meghan markle from three different eras
(Image credit: Getty)

When you've been in the public eye for as long as Meghan Markle has, you're bound to have gone through some changes. Sure, some of those don't involve falling in love with someone in the royal family, getting married, and having an adorable son together, but life happens! Anyway, since her early days on the game show Deal or No Deal, Markle has changed up her look in a big way. It's about time we gave some credit to the queen of the low bun and beachy waves; when we're not raving about her beauty routine, all we can ever think about is how gorgeous her hair is in, like, every single freaking hairstyle. We rounded up all of Meghan's looks over the years, from her celebrity life all the way up to the royal styles she graced us with as a duchess. You might want to bookmark this page so you can take one of these looks to your stylist.

Bianca Rodriguez

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