January Jones Just Learned "Jim" Is Short for "James" And She's "Furious" About It

January, what...?

Actress January Jones arrives at the Premiere of AMC's "Mad Men" Season 5 at ArcLight Cinemas on March 14, 2012 in Hollywood, California.
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January Jones is losing her damn mind after finding out that the name "Jim" is short for "James."

The reason I know this is that Jones herself posted a very impassioned rant about this very issue to her 1.1 million Instagram followers via her Story, and I have to say I'm slightly speechless over the entire incident.

The star began, "Last night I spent a good 30min laying in bed pondering the name Jim. Like what a weird name. It's not short for anything, it doesn't mean anything. Imagine if Rose's love interest in Titanic was named Jim, would you even care if he froze? Prob not."

At this point, you've probably got some comments you'd like to relay to Jones, but let her finish: "I relayed these thoughts to my family this morning and my Mom said Jim is short for James and I'm furious, how did someone get to Jim from James? So stupid."

She further shared about her meltdown: "I'm so ashamed that the word Jimothy was in my brain for a few minutes. I can never get that time back. And sorry to the Jims, I mean no disrespect. Also sorry to my family for how I am."

January Jones Instagram story

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On the "Jimothy" front, the Mad Men star might be happy to learn that she wasn't the first to make this assumption: In an iconic scene from The Office, Steve Carrell's character Michael Scott calls John Krasinski's character into his office and tells him, "Jim. James? Jimothy," at which point Jim makes a nodding gesture to indicate that Jimothy is in fact his name (this is a joke, because Michael is very stupid, in case you haven't seen the show). You can watch that scene here if you feel like it.

Also, there is a British rapper whose birth name is Timothy Gonzales and who goes by the stage name Jimothy Lacoste. You learn something new every day, as January Jones can attest!

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