Julia Fox Wore Three Bold Looks In One Weekend... Because She's Julia Fox

We'd expect nothing less.

Julia Fox wore three awe-inspiring outfits over the weekend.
There's no stopping Julia Fox and her looks.
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Who needs a red carpet or a high-fashion runway when you have a sidewalk and your name is Julia Fox

The Uncut Gems actress, 33, known for her avant garde fashion choices and barely-there outfits, stunned over the weekend with three bold looks and while most of us were spending our days on the couch wearing questionably clean sweats. (Just me? OK.) 

On Friday, Dec. 8, Fox hit the streets of Los Angeles wearing an all-black ensemble, featuring a black “New York” zip-up hoodie showing off her midriff and a skin-tight, knee-length black skirt. To complete the goth-chic look, Fox dawned a black veil, a black, heart-shaped furry purse and black platform boots with a rounded toe and multi-straps in the front. 

Julia Fox wearing an all-black outfit in Los Angeles.

Julia Fox wearing an all-black ensemble over the weekend in Los Angeles.

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Emo-kids, eat your heart out. 

Of course, Fox did not stop there. On Saturday, Dec. 9, Fox wore a navy sweater with white ruffle ascents, a white ruffled mini-skirt and thigh-high brown leather boots. While her Saturday attire was somewhat subdued when compared to Fox’s usual fashion choices – including an outfit made entirely of leaves and resin  – Fox punched up the look with a brown bag, brown lipstick (both matching her boots) and her signature, statement-making over-the-top eyeliner look.

Julia Fox wears a navy blue sweater with ruffles paired with a white ruffled mini-skirt.

Julia Fox toned down her look with this sweater and mini-skirt outfit.

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Fox then took us all to church on Sunday, Dec. 11, when she once again strutted on the streets of Los Angeles with a quintessential Fox-like fashion statement – using an otherwise mundane accessory as a piece of clothing

The model –  who has used her fashion statements to send a message about the male gaze and ageism – rocked a distressed-denim look, wearing a wide copper-colored belt as a tube-top and low-rise brown and copper-colored flare jeans. She paired her desert-hippie garb with an oversized distressed brown jacket and a simple brown mini-backpack. 

Julia Fox wears a belt as a top in Los Angeles.

Julia Fox once again proved that you don't need a shirt when you have a belt.

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Clearly, it doesn’t matter if Fox is attending Paris Fashion week, making some run-of-the-mill grocery run, proudly joining the fight to #FreeTheNipple or simply taking a stroll on a L.A. city sidewalk, she’s here to slay in the name of all things odd and surprising and we are here for it.

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