Kim Kardashian Loses 100,000 Followers on Social Media—Is Taylor Swift to Blame?

"Finally someone stood up to Aimee."

Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift
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Correlation doesn't equal causation…but in this case, the evidence is pretty clear. Days after the release of Taylor Swift's new album The Tortured Poets Department and new song "thanK you aIMee," Kim Kardashian has lost 100,000 followers on Instagram and X, according to TMZ. And lest you think the drop isn't connected to Swift's thinly veiled diss track, note that Swifties are spamming Kim's content with comments about the song.

"Finally someone stood up to Aimee," one fan commented. Another wrote that Kim "should have just apologized" to Swift. And plenty of fans called for legendary "momager" Kris Jenner to intervene on her daughter's behalf.

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At the apex of the now-infamous feud in 2016, Kim released a recorded phone call between her then-husband, Kanye West, and Swift. During the call, Swift appeared to approve of West's "Famous" lyrics that mentioned her, though she later stated she didn't approve of him referring to her as "that b*tch."

What could have been chalked up to a simple misunderstanding turned into an all-out war. On the same day she released the recorded phone call, Kim tweeted a series of snake emojis, only for Swifties to reclaim the insult and spam Kim's comments section with snake emojis in return. Swift, too, incorporated the snake theme into her Reputation album and tour. (She even claimed her "career was taken away" after the leaked recordings, though the Reputation tour became the highest-grossing U.S. tour in history at the time.)

Still, Kim's tried to bury the hatchet since then, posting a TikTok video of her and her daughter North West dancing to Swift's hit "Shake It Off." But that only gave Swift more fodder—"thanK you aIMee" includes a line about Aimee's child singing one of her songs.

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