Kylie Jenner's Son Isn't Called Wolf Anymore

What's his name, then???

Kylie Jenner
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You know when you learn someone's name is, say, Eric, and you're like, "wow, they really don't seem like an Eric?"

Well, that exact thing happened to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott with their baby boy, born on angel date 2/2/22. They had decided on the name Wolf for Stormi's little brother, but apparently ended up finding that that just wasn't working out.

Jenner released a brand new video dedicated to the little boy on YouTube, named "To Our Son" (more on that below), and while promoting it, she realized all the media outlets were referring to the bb as "Wolf."

She set the record straight on Instagram Stories: "FYI our sons name isn't wolf anymore," she wrote. "We just really didn't feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere."

Kylie Jenner baby boy name

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To recap, we don't know when this change of heart happened, nor do we know what the baby's new name is. If they haven't chosen yet, I'd like to propose the below in keeping with the nature theme (Kylie, if you're reading this...):

  • Sunny
  • Sky
  • Phoenix
  • Everest
  • August

Anywayyy, "To Our Son" is an almost 10 minute-long documentary of Not-Wolf's arrival into the world, featuring the little family (Mom, Dad, Stormi) and the big family (Auntie Kiki, Auntie Koko, Grandma Kris and so forth).

Set to instrumental music, it shows how happy everyone is to welcome the new addition. Back when Stormi was born in 2018, Jenner shared a similar video titled "To Our Daughter."

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