Kylie Kelce Thinks It's Great That Taylor Swift Is Inspiring More Young Girls to Enjoy Football


Kylie Kelce and Taylor Swift
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Kylie Kelce thinks it's great for more girls to get interested in football—even if it's in a very roundabout way, like, say, because they want to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift.

Kylie, the wife of Philadelphia Eagle Jason Kelce and sister-in-law of Swift's new boyfriend Travis Kelce, told Glamour in a recent interview that she's glad more girls are watching the football thanks to the singer.

"My dad only had two daughters, so I was the stand-in for watching football with my dad," she explained.

"I always found it to be the most fun experience, watching with him to cheer on the Eagles. It was the Sunday activity.

"So to see that other young girls are getting involved and that they want to sit down and cheer with their dads or they’re finding their own reason to be interested, it’s only something that can be painted in a positive and exciting light. It’s just another way to encourage girls to appreciate sport."

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills

Taylor Swift cheers on Travis Kelce's team, the Kansas City Chiefs, alongside his brother Jason Kelce—who is married to Kylie Kelce.

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Sport is a big part of Kylie's life, not just because of who she's married to but because she's a former field hockey player, and now coaches high school girls in the game.

She also opened up about hoping her three daughters grow up to be athletes like their mom and dad.

"I do hope they become athletes, probably selfishly, but also because there are so many things involved in sport that translate into real life," Kylie explained.

"I tell my high school field hockey girls now that whether they go on to play in college, whether they play just for fun or whether they don’t pick up a stick after high school ever again, the tools that they’re learning, being on a team, working toward a common goal, and doing it together is something that will translate into the workplace. It will translate into life as a whole."

She also made a point to add that she and Jason are big fans of the arts and would be thrilled if their girls chose that path instead—which just sounds like she approves of Swift, if you ask me.

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