Watch Lady Gaga Seemingly Snub Caitlyn Jenner in Awkward Video

Oh nooo.

Elton John AIDS Foundation's 30th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party - Red Carpet
(Image credit: Getty/Michael Kovac)

You know when you're watching a show and someone does something just horribly embarrassing? Say, Rachel Green doing a cheer routine in her high school uniform to impress Tate Donovan.

You know how it's sometimes so bad you have to literally pause it or skip over the scene so you don't die of second-hand embarrassment? Well, that's how I felt about a painful video of an interaction between Caitlyn Jenner and Lady Gaga that's currently making the rounds. Except it wasn't fiction, it was Elton John's Oscars viewing party. And I couldn't skip over it, because I have to write about it for my job or whatever.

Reporter Bahman Kalbasi captured the clip of the two celebs chatting at Elton John's Academy Awards viewing party and shared it on Twitter. It's kind of hard to make out what the two women are saying, but some kind (or cruel, depending on how you look at it) souls captioned it.

Elton John AIDS Foundation's 30th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party - Red Carpet

(Image credit: Getty/Michael Kovac)

Here's a transscript:

Jenner: How are you?
Gaga: I'm good, thank you.
Jenner: Are you still spending time in Malibu?
Gaga: Yes!
Jenner: Oh, you're still out there?
Gaga: Yes! [begins to turn away]
Jenner: I haven't seen you at the Starbucks in a while!
Gaga: [fully turning to leave] oh, I... I... I've switched baristas.
Jenner: God, I know. But good seeing you!
Gaga: [leaving] you too.

Oh OW, it hurtsssss. I mean, not to state the obvious, but "I've switched baristas" is both hilarious and iconic, and also completely nonsensical. Surely for it to be remotely credible, you'd have to say, "I switched coffee shops?" So I guess we're left with the theory: Gaga didn't need it to be credible; she just wanted to send Jenner the message that she just doesn't want to be friends. Which is fair enough, I mean, she's Lady Gaga. She probably has the entire world at her feet trying to be friends with her. But still, I feel a little bad for Jenner, just as like a socially awkward person myself. Anywayyyy......

Interestingly, though, it wasn't always like this between the singer and the TV personality. They looked thick as thieves at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, even exchanging secrets, and posing with Gaga's then-partner Taylor Kinney. I guess we'll never know what changed.

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