Ellen DeGeneres Made Meghan Markle Say "I Have Healing Powers" to an Unsuspecting Vendor

Like Simon says, but substitute a talk show host.

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Meghan Markle made an appearance on the Ellen Show on Nov. 18, and beyond talking about her life, the Duchess of Sussex was also asked to complete a pretty embarrassing challenge—which she admirably gave her all.

Ellen DeGeneres made Markle go out in the studio lot, where vendors set up stalls, and do everything she told her to do through in an earpiece. First, she sent the duchess' "assistant"—really a writer from the show—to warn the vendors that Markle would be coming to browse, and that they should treat her completely normally.

Then, Markle walked up to the stalls, repeating several times how much of a "lovely day" it was. Once she arrived at a stall, she had to say, "Like Bill Weathers says, a lovely day."

She then went to look at a crystals stall, and said, "I haven't been shopping in a while, and I love it, and I miss it." She also had to repeat "good energy" frantically, before declaring, "I have healing powers. Can you feel my powers?" The poor vendor then nodded, looking completely confused. "Let's just be silent for a second," Markle continued, taking a deep breath. She then had to hold a large crystal against her head, narrating as she went, before beginning to chant strangely.

The whole segment lasted for about 7 minutes, and she had to keep it up for that long. For example, at the next stall—which sold hot sauce—she had to tell the vendor her "boo" loved hot sauce. That's one title I haven't heard Prince Harry called by, I have to admit.

I would have absolutely died of embarrassment in Markle's place, but the duchess wonderfully called upon her acting talents to complete the challenge with grace and humor. You love to see it. You can watch it here.

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