More People Are Searching for Adele Lyrics Than Illegal Downloads

Miracles happen.

Adele smiling at a talk show.
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Because there's nothing Adele can't do (and also probably because she's magic (opens in new tab)), the 27-year-old Brit has now inspired Internet users of 2015 to forgo searching illegal downloads of her record-breaking (opens in new tab) LP, 25, in favor of simply Googling its lyrics. 

According to a new study from Musixmatch (opens in new tab), the difference in searches for "adele 25 lyrics" was double the amount of searches for "adele 25 torrent" and even "adele 25 youtube" on the date of the album's release. Impressive, no? Take a look below:

While the RIAA reports that album sales have dropped 47% (from $14.6 billion to $7.7 billion (opens in new tab)) since the birth of file sharing sites like Napster and Limewire in 1999, the fact that fans are more interested in the "Hello" singer's heart-wrenching lyrics rather than stealing her songs speaks volumes—and further confirms what we've come to find out this year: This is Adele's world now and we're just living in it. 

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Evan Real
Evan Real