There's a New Cover of Adele's "Hello" to Lose It Over

Yes, it's in Swahili and no, we're not kidding.

Getty Images

By now, Adele's massive hit "Hello" has been covered by everyone from Joe Jonas to Miss Piggy and even remixed by Jimmy Fallon, but there's a new version of the song that stands out above the rest: an Afropop cover by Kenyan musician Dela Maranga. 

The latest tribute to the undisputed anthem of 2015 is translated and sung entirely in Swahili (aside from the word "hello") and evokes just as much emotion as your typical 25 listening binge. Even if you can't fully understand what Maranga's belting, know that it's still okay to cry. Because obviously, an Adele-inspired sob session is inescapable—no matter what language you speak. 

So grab your tissues and click play: 

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