Nicki Minaj Wasn't Shading Iggy Azalea, After All

She was actually encouraging female empowerment.

Good news: It looks like there won't be any big drama between Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, after all.

Almost everyone believed Minaj's acceptance speech at the BET Awards last Sunday was a jab towards Azalea—but as Minaj would say, "No, no, no shade, no, no, no shade." She set the record straight today on Twitter. It turns out her comments were really just about the importance of women writing their own songs in the heavily male-dominated music industry.

Minaj pointed out that she's publicly supported Iggy on her success and added that she wants to "motivate women to write." Using her mega-platform in the music industry to empower more women is definitely something we can get behind.


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