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Katy Perry Promoted Her New Single With Cherry Pie in New York

"Bon appétit, baby!"

Katy Perry promotes new single with cherry pie, from van in New York

Katy Perry clearly likes to surprise her fans, which is why she took a food truck to Times Square on Friday, and handed out slices of cherry pie. Promoting her new single, "Bon Appétit" which features Migos, Perry's food truck was emblazoned with a cute cherry design, and lyrics from the song.

Earlier in the day, Perry shared a recipe for cherry pie on social media, and coyly denied the song's sexual connotations. No-one believes that "Bon Appétit" is really about cherry pie, but it's impossible to deny that Perry's created another super, catchy track.

The singer wore the perfect outfit for the occasion, which included some bright blue, high-waisted pants, a plaid crop top, and red sunglasses. She completed the outfit with a pair of pumps called The Shannon, from her Katy Perry shoe line.


Before Perry released "Chained to the Rhythm", she left disco balls in random locations around the globe, so that fans could listen to an exclusive snippet of the song. The food truck is definitely a fun way to promote her new song, and a great excuse to give fans free pie.

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