Navigate Game of Thrones by Subway

Game of Thrones is anything but easy to understand. With a huge array of characters as well as a consistent string of deaths, keeping up with Westeros is even more challenging than keeping up with the Kardashians. Thankfully, the wide world of Westeros just got a lot easier to comprehend. Spanning over seven kingdoms, getting from point A to point B is quite the challenge, not to mention figuring out how to navigate the path between the two. While the Game of Thrones books showcase maps of Westeros, their ancient inspiration makes it a bit less decipherable to the modern eye. Graphic designer Michael Tyznik recently published a map of the "rail transport in Westeros", which, while fictional, provides a color-coded map to understand the world of Game of Thrones with a bit more ease.

Ride by dragon will most likely maintain its status the go-to mode of transport for the citizens of Westeros, but we can dream of the days where Westeros is this easy to navigate. Although, if they have to deal with train delays, litter-filled subway stations and re-routed lines, perhaps the citizens of Westeros are better in charge of their own transportation destiny.

Image via Michael Tyznick

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