Kylie's House vs. Kendall's Apartment: An Analysis

That's a lot of space for one person.

Getty, design by Katja Cho

Kylie just bought a new house, as Curbed reports—a $6 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California (not to be confused with the $2.7 million Calabasas house she bought in February). Having a Hidden Hills address = you've made it. Having a $6 million Hidden Hills address when you're 18 = insanity.

Sister Kendall's got her own thing going on, of course, with an L.A. condo she bought earlier this year. It's basically like 2016 is the Oprah car-giveaway episode but with million-dollar real-estate holdings.

For easy comparison, here are fact sheets and photos of both.

Getty, design by Katja Cho


Getty, design by Katja Cho

Carole Schiffer

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