Kim Kardashian Plans Further World Domination Through Technology

Because what else is left?

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was just the beginning, guys. In her new Adweek cover story, the reality star opens up about her plans to expand her colossal brand even further into the Silicon Valley sphere.

"I hope to have a bigger presence in the tech world," she explains. "I love coming up with different app ideas, and I have a few more that are coming out. Once you get started and you have this creative bug of ideas that you want to get out, I feel like I've partnered with the right team, and now I have the creative outlet to make that happen. I'm happy that people are into it and perceiving it well. I just want to create more apps."

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Say whatever you want, but can you blame her? Her first app—which we may or may not still be playing on a regular basis—raked in an eye-watering $74 million last year and is on track to bring in another $200 million this year.

And make no mistake—Kardashian is nothing if not a proactive partner in her app endeavors.

"[The developers and I] talk daily—no set time, but we have these open emails and chats," she says. "If I have an idea, I send it to them. I [also] go down to [their home base] San Francisco every other month and meet with the whole team."

Oh to be a fly on the walls of those g-chats...

And app devotees who've been hoping to tangle with the rest of the Kardashian clan, you're in luck. "I think that adding my family members [as characters] and a bunch of cameos will get people excited," she said. Fingers crossed that there's a Kourtney and Khloé Take the Apple App Store spin-off in the works.

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