Great News for Your TV: Jenny Slate and the 'Obvious Child' Team Are Making a New Comedy Show

"Like Thelma and Louise—but nobody dies."

Jenny Slate
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Best buddy comedy ever? According to Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab), Jenny Slate and actress Ari Graynor are teaming up for a pilot in which they'll play two New York friends who drive across the country after making a movie together.

If you're not yet enticed, behold: The show will be a reunion for Slate, writer/director Gillian Robespierre, and producer Elisabeth Holm, all of whom helmed the amazingness that was Obvious Child (opens in new tab). Robespierre wrote the pilot and Holm will direct, with the three—including Slate—serving as executive producers.

The pilot is described (opens in new tab) as being "like Thelma and Louise—but nobody dies," and begins shooting in New York City, like, now.

Three things:

1) This is going to be so so so so so good.

2) Can Marcel the Shell make a cameo (opens in new tab)? Maybe in a weed/alcohol-induced fever dream?

3) Honestly, we're just hoping Graynor reprises the amazing drunk girl character she did with such aplomb in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, and which deserved all the awards, because that would just be the best.

Ari Graynor

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