Best Thing of the Day: Lily Allen Makes Us All Feel Normal About Having Adult Acne

[insert prayer hands that are actually high-fiving]
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Lily Allen, watermelon-haired 30-year-old, suffers from adult acne, a fact none of us would have known about if she hadn't posted a close-up of her jawline Monday.

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The outspoken singer captioned the photo "How is it fair that I get acne at 30? #firstworldproblems," which is 1) self-aware, 2) very Chrissy Teigen-like, and 3) perhaps an indication that, using social media, celebrities are taking the whole "they're just like us" thing into their own hands. It's hard not to be cynical about Instagram when 99 percent of the selfies posted there are blurred into oblivion and affirm the Beyoncé/Waka Flocka theory, but snaps like this deserve genuine praise. It takes guts for anyone to zoom in on her blemishes or stretch marks, period.

And while you could argue that it's superfluous to applaud a famous person for showing her skin issues because *everyone* has imperfections, that's kind of the point: to make someone else feel better about hers. So we'll keep clapping.

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