Kristen Bell Watching 'Game of Thrones' Was All of Us Watching 'Game of Thrones'

Getty Images

We would 100% be friends with Kristen Bell. She cries when she meets sloths (as one would). She orders french toast "for the table." She invites her friends over and live tweets her favorite shows. And she reacts to a crazy plot twist in the most real way.

After the emotional roller coaster that was the season five finale, where a certain fan favorite probably definitely got killed off, Bell tweeted:

EXACTLY, KRISTEN. EXACTLY. Good to know someone in Hollywood has their head on straight. This is not okay, HBO. Not okay. 😭

On the bright side, at least she had her friends by her side to take in the craziness together. In costume, no less. Bless you, KBell.

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