Kendall and Kylie's Shopping Website Is Finally Live

But there are only two items for sale. 😐

Kendall and Kylie Jenner pose together in a clothing shop
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Update, 7/25: After much teasing, Kendall and Kylie's secret website went live this week. The newly launched e-commerce site, Kendall + Kylie, features all of two products. (No splurges or sprees here.)

The site is based on a 'flash sale' model: limited items for a limited time. Every week, two new pieces become available for purchase—one in Kendall's "closet" and one in Kylie's. Shoppers can buy up to two of each item, and subscribers get first dibs with early access to the featured sale.

For the debut sale, Kylie's pick is a sporty tank that reads like a jersey with "Kylie 97" written across the front. Kendall's design is a black crop top that says "Klub." in white block letters.

Two black tops hanging from a wall. One reads, "Kylie 97", while the other reads, "KLUB."

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So what'll it be, Team Kylie or Klub Kendall?

Original Post, 6/26:Entrepreneurial adolescents Kendall and Kylie Jenner are close to unveiling their new venture, and even though it is supposedly the kind of "surprise" you must enter your personal information to learn about, they've already given most of it away.

Last month, they began uploading BTS shots to their joint Instagram account, which show the sisters poring over sketches, playing peek-a-boo amongst racks of samples (lots of denim, shirting, gingham, teenybopper festival wear), and taking selfies in front of said racks of samples. Now, the accompanying website is semi-open for business—if you can get past the Freddi Fish era graphics, click on the VIP envelope lying on the ground, and type in your email address.

Mock-up of a nightclub entrance.

But where's the bouncer? Can it be that great if there's no line? Is it a speakeasy?

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I'll save you the trouble: "We can't wait to show you what's up our sleeve. Members get secrets before anyone else. As one of the first to secure a spot on the list, you'll be notified the moment new Kendall+Kylie items are available—only here. This is the list, and you're on it. Hope you like surprises."

It's clothes. They're making clothes. SURPRISE!

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